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Five-Day Trip Options

The Nationwide Togolese Immersion

Explore Togo’s Maritimes Region With Togo Tours, Where History, Culture, And Natural Beauty Converge. Uncover Voodoo’s Cradle, West Africa’s Slave Trade Legacy, And German Colonial Landmarks. Our Itinerary Blends History, Spirituality, And Wonders For An Unforgettable Adventure.  Then Discover Togo’s Heart With Our Lome Historical And Cultural Day Tour. Dive Into Vibrant Lome, Home To 1.5 Million Residents, Blending Tradition And Modernity. Indulge In Top-Notch Restaurants, Explore The World’s Largest Voodoo Market, And Uncover German Occupation History. Then Take A Scenic Drive To Atakpame: Explore The Fetish Market, Ascend Mount Kloto, And Engage With Craftsmen At The Artisan Village. Immerse In Togo’s Beauty And Creativity. Finally, Journey Into Togo’s Cultural Richness With Our 2-Day Kara Exploration. Explore The Tamberma Valley’s Tata Somba Houses, Visit Koutammakou, And Engage In A Cultural Exchange In Tchamba. Join Togo Tours For An Enriching And Unforgettable Experience.

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Day 1: The Maritimes Cultural And Historical Tour

Departure At 8am (Approx. 1 Hour Drive)


The City Of Agbodrafo

  1. The House Of Slaves: Crafted By Scottish Slave Trader John Henry Wood, This Historic Site Unveils A Profound Narrative Of Clandestine Slave Trade. Immerse Yourself In The Echoes Of The Past Within The House’s Cellar, Where Captives Were Once Warehoused Before Embarking On Their Journey To The Americas And The Caribbean. Now Recognized As One Of Togo’s UNESCO Sites, This Landmark Stands As A Testament To Resilience And A Pivotal Chapter In The Rich Tapestry Of Togo’s Heritage.
  2. The Well Of The Chained: Explore The Captivating History Of Togo At The Well Of The Chained, A Poignant Site Dating Back To The 1800s. Enclosed By A Symbolic Low Wall, This Historic Landmark Bears Witness To The Resilience Of The Human Spirit As It Echoes The Final Cleansing Ritual Of Slaves Before Embarking On Journeys To The Colonies.
  3. King Horse Ecurie Togo: Experience The Thrill Of Horseback Riding Along The Pristine Shores Of Togo With Togo Tours – Where The Beauty Of Our Beaches Meets The Excitement Of An Unforgettable Adventure.

The City Of Aneho – Aneho

  1. The Embouchure: Discover The Magical Convergence Of The Lake Of Togo And The Majestic Atlantic Ocean. Immerse Yourself In The Vibrant Hues Of Nature’s Masterpiece With Togo Tours.
  2. The Aneho Fishing Port: Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture As You Set Sail On Brightly Colored Fishing Boats Alongside Traditional Togolese Fishermen, Creating Unforgettable Memories On An Authentic Togolese Fishing Adventure.


  1. Pirogue Ride To The City Of Togoville –Embark On An Unforgettable Journey With Togo Tours And Explore The Enchanting Beauty Of Lake Togo From The Comfort Of A Traditional Pirogue..

Lunch Break At Cite Lacustre

  1. The Togoville Cathedral –Immerse Yourself In The Rich History Of This Architectural Gem, Constructed Just Before The First World War. Here, At The Crossroads Of Christianity And Voodoo, Embark On A Journey That Unveils The Fascinating Cultural Tapestry Of Togo.
  2. The German-Togolese Friendship Monument,Discover The Rich Tapestry Of History At The Iconic German-Togolese Friendship Monument. Erected In 1984 To Commemorate A Century Of Diplomatic Ties Between King Mlapa III And General Consul Gustave Nachtigal, This Monument Beautifully Encapsulates The Spirit Of Peace With Its Symbolic Dove, Accompanied By Two Inspiring Figures A Togolese And A German Woman.

Return To Lome By 7pm

Day 2: The Lome Cultural And Historical Tour

Departure At 8:30am


  1. The Lome Palace: Embark Captivating Journey Through Togo’s Rich Cultural Heritage, Combining Immersive Historical Explorations With Of The Luxurious Lome Palace.
  2. The Monument De L’independence: Embark On An Unforgettable Journey With Togo Tours And Explore The Rich History Of Lome At The Iconic “La Place De L’Independence,” A Symbol Of Togo’s Triumphant Independence From France On April 27, 1960.
  3. The Lome Great Market: Experience The Heartbeat Of Lomé At ‘Le Grand Marché De Lomé,’ Where The Pulse Of Commerce Thrives In Three Distinct Sections—Atipoji, Asigame, And Assivito. Immerse Yourself In The Vibrant Tapestry Of Togo’s Savoir Faire, As This Lively And Colorful Market Becomes The Focal Point Of Your Unforgettable Journey With Togo Tours.
  4. The Lome Fetish Market Of Akodessewa: Explore The Enchanting Akodessawa Fetish Market, Renowned As The World’s Largest Voodoo Market, Where The Mystical Essence Of Africa’s Oldest Religion Comes To Life. Immerse Yourself In The Allure Of Monkey Heads, Skulls, Rare Artifacts, And Sacred Items, Offering An Extraordinary Glimpse Into The Rich Tapestry Of Togo’s Ancient Traditions With Togo Tours.

Lunch Break:

  1. The Monument Of Peace Dove: Immerse Yourself In The Tranquility Of ‘La Colombe De La Paix,’ Lome’s Iconic Landmark, And Experience Firsthand Why Togolese Hospitality And Warmth Make Our Country A Haven For Peaceful Travelers.
  2. The Abandoned Bridge Of Lome: Discover The Legacy Of The German Colonial Era As You Explore The Abandoned Bridge Of Lome. Originally A Wooden Structure, This Historic Landmark Was Meticulously Reconstructed In Metal. Situated Near The Heart Of The City, It Serves As A Poignant Testament To Togo’s Rich And Fascinating Past.
  3. Marcelo Beach Club: Discover The Pristine Beauty Of Marcelo Beach Club, A Hidden Gem In Lome, Where Serenity Meets The Shore. Immerse Yourself In The Tranquility, Escaping The City’s Hustle And Bustle, As You Unwind In This Oasis Of Clean, Sandy Beaches—An Unparalleled Retreat For Relaxation And Rejuvenation.

Return By 7pm

Day 3: The Atakpame Cultural Tour

Drive To Atakpame (Approx. 3 Hours); Departure From Lome At 8am

Lunch Break

  1. Atakpame Cultural Immersion:Experience The Vibrant Cultural Heartbeat Of Atakpame, Togo, As Traditional Dancers Gracefully Weave Through Rhythmic Movements, Adorned In Colorful Attire, Telling Stories Of The Region’s Rich History And Heritage Through The Captivating Artistry Of Their Ancestral Dance.

Drive To Kara (Approx. 4 Hours); Departure From Atakpame At 2pm


Sleeping At Hotel

Day 4: The Kara Cultural And Scenic Tour 1

Departure At 7am

  1. The Tamberma Experience: Embark On An Immersive Journey To Tamberma, Togo, Where Ancient Tammari Mud Houses Seamlessly Blend With The Breathtaking Landscape, Offering A Unique Cultural Experience That Unveils The Rich History And Traditions Of This Enchanting West African Community.
  2. The Christ Of Defale: Visit The Christ Of Defale In Togo, Where Ancient Spirituality And Breathtaking Natural Beauty Converge, Offering A Unique Blend Of Cultural Immersion And Awe-Inspiring Landscapes.
  3. Traditional Blacksmiths And Pottery Workshops:Witness The Ancient Artistry Come To Life Through Engaging Visits To Traditional Blacksmiths And Pottery Workshops, Where Time-Honored Craftsmanship Unfolds Amidst The Rich Tapestry Of Local Heritage, In Bassar

Lunch Break

  1. Park Sarakawa: Experience The Awe-Inspiring Beauty Of Togo’s Natural Wonders With A Visit To Park Sarakawa, Where Lush Landscapes, Diverse Wildlife, And Cultural Richness Converge To Create An Unforgettable Adventure.
  2. Elephants And Lions Reserves: Embark On A Thrilling Adventure In Togo’s Captivating Elephants And Lions Reserve, Where The Majestic Beauty Of These Iconic African Species Unfolds.


Sleeping At Hotel

Day 5: The Kara Cultural And Scenic Tour 2

Departure From Kara At 8am

  • The Faille D’Aledjo:Discover The Faille D’Aledjo, Offering A Unique And Visually Striking Landscape For Adventurous Travelers Exploring The Region.

Drive Back To Lome

Cost: 950 USD

What’s Included?

  1. Guided Tours And Entrance Fees To All Attractions And Events
  2. Assistance To Get Free Tourist Visas To Togo (If Requested With Reasonable Notice)
  3. VIP Escort At The Airport (If Requested With Reasonable Notice)
  4. Transportation With Air Conditioning
  5. Knowledgeable And Friendly Guides Throughout The Tour (Languages Spoken: English And French)
  6. Water Bottles

What’s Excluded?

  1. Airplane Tickets
  2. Medical And Travel Insurance Togo Tours Is Not Responsible For Fees Associated With Medical Assistance, Repatriation, Material And Physical Damages.
  3. Meals (But Restaurant Options Will Be Made Available Throughout The Tour)
  4. Tips For Drivers And Guides
  5. Tips For Drivers And Guides
  6. Vaccinations: Yellow Fever – Compulsory (Please Note The Malaria Prophylaxis Is Highly Recommended)

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

  1. For A Full Refund, Cancel At Least 14 Days In Advance Of The Start Date Of The Experience.
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