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Places You Should Visit

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One-Day Trip Options

The Lome Historical and Cultural Tour

Discover the heart of Togo with Togo Tours’ Lome Historical and Cultural Day Tour. Dive into the vibrant metropolis of Lome, home to 1.5 million residents, offering a unique blend

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Two-Day Trip Options

The Two-Day Kpalime Scenic and Cultural Tour/ GoldenEye Experience 1

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Togo Tours to the Land of Waterfalls – Kpalime. Experience West Africa’s best-kept secret, where lush green 

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Three-Day Trip Options

The Lome and Maritimes Cultural and Scenic Tour / Lake of Hippopotamuses

Explore the vibrant capital of Togo with Togo Tours’ day-long journey through Lome. Dive into the city’s unique blend of history, modernity, and cultural richness. 

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Five-Day Trip Options

The Nationwide Togolese Immersion

Explore Togo’s Maritimes Region with Togo Tours, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge. Uncover Voodoo’s cradle, West Africa’s slave trade legacy, and German Colonial landmarks.

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The Lome Historical And Cultural Tour

The Lome Palace

Embark On A Captivating Journey Through Togo’s Rich Cultural Heritage, Combining Immersive Historical Explorations With A Visit To The Luxurious Lome Palace.

Longer Trips

The Maritimes 2 Circuit, Which Includes The Following Activities/Attractions: House Of Slaves, Well Of Chained, Pirogues To Togoville (The Cathedral, The Friendship Monument, Lake Togo), Cite Lacustre, Aneho (Embouchure, Fishing Port, Fishing Activity, And Miadjoe), And The Mare Of Hippopotamuses.
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