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Local Eateries (Maquis): These are small, locally-run restaurants or food stalls that serve traditional Togolese dishes like Fufu and sauce, Akume, and grilled meats. They are excellent places to experience authentic Togolese cuisine.

Seafood Restaurants: Given Togo’s coastal location, you’ll find seafood restaurants along the coast offering fresh catches of the day, including fish, shrimp, and lobster.

International Cuisine: In larger cities like Lomé, you can find restaurants offering a variety of international cuisines, including French, Chinese, Indian, and Italian dishes.

Street Food Stalls: Street food vendors are prevalent in Togo, serving quick and affordable snacks like grilled corn, kebabs, and fried plantains.

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Hotel Restaurants: Many hotels in Togo have their own on-site restaurants that cater to both guests and visitors, offering a mix of local and international dishes.

Cafes and Bakeries: For a lighter meal or a coffee break, you can explore cafes and bakeries that serve pastries, sandwiches, and beverages.

Fine Dining Restaurants: In upscale areas of major cities, you may find fine dining establishments that offer gourmet cuisine and an elegant dining experience.

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